• What type of event is your specialty?

      We specialize in a broad range of events, including weddings, banquets, anniversaries, corporate parties and school functions. With a huge digital music library from yesterday through today, we can satisfy requests for all musical styles and eras.

    • Can I see my DJ perform before deciding to book them?

      Out of respect for our clients, we do not invite prospective clients to private parties. As our client, you can rest assured that we will extend the same courtesy to you as well. If we happen to be performing publicly, we will let you know and you are welcome to see us perform then. We do offer in-person consultation and planning, so that you can get to know the personality and demeanor of your DJ, which is one of the most important aspects of choosing a DJ (after all, the music recordings are the same). A good DJ must have excellent people skills, speaking skills, and technical competence to ensure a successful and memorable event.

    • Why do I have to sign a contract?

      For our protection and our clients' protection, we require a written contract for all engagements. This is an important part of the planning process, and ensures that all the clients' requests and requirements will be met, and lays out all terms and conditions so there are no surprises in the end. It is also required for our insurance, as proof that an engagement has occurred.  We pride ourselves on being fair and accommodating for our clients, and requiring a written contract is one way we make sure you know you'll get the best service!

    • What if I need to cancel after signing the contract?

      We understand that sometimes, life doesn't go according to plan. Our deposit structure and contract terms are designed to afford our clients flexibility should they need to reschedule their special event. Although deposits are generally not refundable, we do allow money paid to be used as credit toward a rescheduled event.

    • Can Shooting Star Entertainment provide music and sound for the ceremony too?

      Absolutely! Whether you're looking for music just for the reception, or separate sound systems for a ceremony, cocktail hour and reception, Shooting Star Entertainment can accommodate any scenario. The need for a secondary sound system must be planned ahead of time, but other than that, we can make sure your event has clear sound and music at all the needed points. We can even provide our own power, should electricity not be available at the location of the ceremony.

    • How can I make sure that Wedding DJ will have all of my special songs and play them at my event?

      We are very proud of our extensive music library, comprised of all the hits from yesterday and today. Chances are that we already have all of the special songs you'd like to hear at your event.  However, in the event we're missing some, we're glad to purchase them as long as we have at least two weeks' notice (to allow us to locate, purchase and ship a CD as necessary to meet your requests). There is never an extra charge for us to buy your special songs!

    • Is all of your music legally purchased?

      Yes! We are a professional business, and believe in acting in an ethical and legal manner when sourcing our music. Our entire music library was legally purchased from a variety of sources - mainly professional music subscription services that also provide music to the radio stations. This benefits you, our clients, in several ways. Most importantly, it ensures all of our songs are top-quality recordings, without the risk of noise, skips, or poor sound quality associated with illegal downloads or streaming. Additionally, our clients can rest assured we won't be put out of business before their event due to legal action from copyright violations.